Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Making Things Springy!

Spring (or rather summer if you are in Florida) is in full swing and something about summer makes me want to change everything in my house around.  Spring also means the end of spring semester and I am in the thick of it and really needed a break from housework and school work.

I have been meaning to organize my scrap fabric...

 This is not even all of it...

I found the tutorial for this wreath a LOOONG time ago and I lost the link when my computer was stolen so I cannot give proper credit.  I made this for my crafting corner in my room.  It's totally random and has no rhyme or reason.  You just take your foam wreath, square scraps (3 inches or so, doesn't have to be perfect, I just cut them randomly with scissors), wrap the scrap around the pointy end of a dull pencil, add a drop of glue to the end and stab it in.  4 TiVo'd episodes of 19 Kids and Counting later, you have this pretty thing.  It didn't make the dent in my stash I was hoping to I guess I still have to organize it....

As a child, my favorite part of Easter was going to get our Easter dresses.  I love doing the same with my kids and I happened upon a great sale at The Children's Place a couple weeks ago and snatched up the kids Easter outfits.  I have been wanting to try out A Lemon Squeezy Home's Bowtie Tutorial and the adorable blue chambray button down I got my son was perfect for it AND the awesome Tanya Whelan Lilly fabric from her Dolce collection that I have been in love with lately.  Wow, what a great run-on sentence!  

It turned out ADORABLE and I cannot wait to take pics of them in their Easter get-up.  This tute was super easy and it came out as perfect as the photos.  I might add these to my store :)  A hairpiece for my Bela in the same fabric is in the works :)

So for more spring fun I decided to spruce up my table arrangement.  I have had this really amazing, but tall orchid arrangement that my friend made for me a few years ago on the table, but I wanted something shorter so I can see my son across the table.  I came up with this little number.

I gave the old flowers (excellent quality by the way, still in perfect condition) a cleaning and they now live in a tall vase on my mantle.  I love re-purposing!  The only thing I bought was the blue flowers.  I reused the moss and the floral dec foam.  

I am still not 100% on the arrangement I made...but it works for now.  I think it will have a new home as I have since decided that I want to put a tray with my salt/pepper shakers and napkin holder and other table essentials on a tray and mod podge it...I can't make up my mind for anything!

Hope everyone else is getting their homes bright and springy!  Remember to think outside the box and find creative ways to reuse what you already have :)

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Britney said...

Cute stuff Erin! I love the fabric scrap wreath. It turned out so pretty!