Friday, April 29, 2011

Everyday Disasters

I feel like this week has been just ridiculous.  Like my children are out to completely drive any semblance of sanity from my life.

My kids are cute.

And ya know what?  It's a good thing is just a list of events from the week:

Earlier in the week I was cooking dinner and the kids were playing in the living room.  I can see straight into the LR and DR so no worries, I figured they were fine.  I could just see the tops of their heads above the chair.  I heard a boom and it sounded like Bela maybe fell.  I came in the LR to find this.

Yep.  That's over half a container of Nesquik powder on the RUG.  Not the hardwood floor, which would have been an easy fix, but the RUG!  I was LIVID.  I was convinced at this point that I should just quit now while I was ahead...

So the week continues on with just MESSES.  Dumping cereal, dumping boxes of oatmeal, throwing cups of applesauce.  I can handle toys everywhere, but gooey mess I CANNOT!

 Bela at lunch.  Yes you can expect a toddler to make a mess with yogurt.  But she decided to just dump the whole cup on her head...
And here was today's fun little adventure.  Mommy's lipstick.  As I was finishing up her pinafore, Bela was playing in the LR watching Angelina Ballerina.  I have no idea where she got a hold of the lipstick, but this took all of less than 5 off we went for our second bath of the day...It seems most of these disasters involve Bela...we still don't know who is the culprit in the Nesquik powder caper...

And you know the week wouldn't be complete without me doing something stupid.  Like the crock pot dinner I made yesterday.  I plugged in the TOASTER and not the crock pot.  DUH!  I discovered this at 2pm.  The kids had chicken nuggets and tater tots for least they were organic?

SOOOO, that being said.  I need a break SO BAD.  I hope everyone else is having a MUCH better week!


jaime said...

Lol oh I'm sry, its been a tough week for u. This past week hasn't been fabulous for us either. I keep saying I need a kid free vacation. Like that would EVER happen. Oh well, I u can't beat em goin em! Right?

Joanne said...

Oh. My. Word. (((hugs))) to you.

They are so cute tho... they really are!