Friday, April 15, 2011

Tutorial - Bow Grippies

The bow business is slow.  So I thought I'd share a fun little tidbit to help keep the bows you have from sliding out of your little one's hair.  I saw this type of grip on someone else's bow and had a big "duh" moment when i figured out what it was.  There are a couple different "bow grips" on the market, the most popular kind is about $4 for a pack of 24.  I am cheap and this method will give you a good grip for the rest of your child's bow-wearing life for as low as $1.

Interested?  Gather up these materials.

 All you need is a glue gun, glue sticks, scissors, a bow (or 50), and some non-slip shelf liner.  I was on a random craft trip to the Dollar Tree and happened upon this roll for $1.  One roll will do a TON of bows.  You can also find it at Walmart for about $3-$4.

 Cut out a little rectangle the same size as the underneath side of the bow clip.

 Put a bit of hot glue on the clip part and attach the "grippy".  Hold the clip open for a couple seconds so it doesn't stick together.

 Insert bow in baby's hair :)

Then grab the rest of your bows.  This is not even the HALF of it for me!

I know this was really complicated, so feel free to ask questions :)  Haha!  Have fun and don't hot glue your fingers to the bow!


Jennifer said...

That is brilliant! And YES, a total DUH moment! :)

Rebecca said...

I agree-brilliant!!!!