Friday, April 29, 2011

Pretty Pinafore

I think I told you all a couple weeks ago that I purchased One Yard Wonders.  Well, I think I also told you that I mis-cut the fabric while attempting to make it.  So, because I was dying to make this particular dress with that certain fabric, I decided to try to make it and see if the shortages would make a difference in the skirt portion.

My bodice was perfectly cut, but I was a little short on the skirt fabric.  So I decided to just go for it and see what happened.  Well, it turned out PERFECT.  I added a band of white fabric to give a little extra length, but it probably would have been fine without it.  Because the smallest size in the pattern was a 2T, it's a tad big in the bodice, but it's soooo freaking cute!  I HIGHLY recommend the book based solely on this project alone.  The bodice came out immaculate, the neckline is crisp and straight.  It was a blast to sew!  What I love about this book is that you can buy any random yard of fabric and find something to do with it.

So enjoy the photo parade!  Isabela is the most uncooperative child and I am the worst photog on the planet, but we got some great shots.

I really should have one of my amazing photog friends try and get some better shots of her in this...any takers?  Or maybe some lessons for me...haha!


jaime said...

Its adorable! U r getting GOOD!

Eva Scott said...

Love this dress & the fabric!!!

Joanne said...

great job! I LOVE the fabric!!!! Adorable dress!