Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cloth Napkins and Braided Rings

I'm not a crazy, tree-hugger or anything (no offense to tree-huggers), but I loathe buying paper products, I really do. I've been meaning to make some cloth napkins for a while. I actually started some, then got bored and put them away. I have the attention span of an ant apparently.

A spotted some fat quarters at Walmart for .50 that weren't totally horrid. I came across a really simple napkin tutorial that of COURSE I cannot find now...
 It's just 2 fat quarters, cut to 18x18 (so you only have to cut one side), sew together like you would a pillow, turn right side out and topstitch around.
I topstitched with a zig zag stitch on a couple and that turned out really cute.
 These could make a cute hostess gift too :)
I decided to make some matching rings with the leftover strips.
I also got a little too creative with my tutorials. Bear with me...
You will only need about 6 strips, you can choose the combination. You get two rings from one strip, so 3 per strip of any color combo.

Cut your strips to the desired length. I wanted mine 4.5 inches around.

After the fact, I wish I had chosen just solid white, but these are still cute and I can't wait to do this with some fabric I really love :)

Napkin love...


Joanne said...

LOVE the napkin rings.. I love that the rings are 2 different fabrics.. totally cute!!!

Eva Scott said...

really cute. i hate buying paper products too and have debated making some cloth napkins. maybe i will now.