Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Get Inspired

The little Front Porch Inspiration post I did for Gussy Sews' Inspiration Workshop turned out to be a great little boost for me. I have been unhappy with the front porch for a while now. 

It used to be really pretty.

Then I killed all the plants.

I got frustrated with all the tools and equipment we have to keep up there.

I don't have a magazine (or blog worthy for that matter) porch, BUT I can make it a happy place for me to start enjoying again.

 I'm going to paint the table white and distress it so some of the old black comes through, I think it's going to be cool.
The rug is from Urban Outfitters, it's been sitting in the linen chest forever.
 Empty jars from the local honey and jams we buy. I put tealights in them, but for now, I stuck some Crepe Myrtle sprigs in them.
 One of the few remaining plants that I haven't killed...
 This was a great free find I posted about a while ago, it's been a great home for random small tools and such.
 More plants I haven't killed...yet...working on that green thumb.
We got to enjoy the front yard for a bit yesterday :)
 It was nice to be able to sit and drink my iced coffee and watch the kids play :)

Hope we can all learn to make the best of the things we DO have, even if they aren't perfect or even halfway close to what we want them to be. There are opportunities to be creative everywhere.