Friday, August 26, 2011

Preschool Fun - Exploring Color

I dug out a few more fun little activities from one of my books and we focused on our colors the other day. 

 This is a fun little game that is super simple to make.

1. Cut two business size envelopes in half and glue onto some cardstock or construction paper.
2. Color with four colors (primary)

3. Cut out shapes or other things in those colors (see below).
4. Have child place them in the correct (hopefully) pocket.
 I used a Cricut to make mine, but if you aren't good at cutting freehand, search for some fun shapes and designs online.

My son is not getting the concept of putting the things in the envelope despite knowing all of his basic colors. This is going to be great to work on, don't worry if they don't get it at first :)
 We worked on making some rainbows. Not quite getting the whole idea of making the rainbows but the cotton ball clouds were a hit and we are definitely getting better at using glue!

Thanks to Pinterest, I came across this totally adorable preschool blog Preschool Alphabet So many great alphabet activties! I can't wait to get started, this is something we really need to work on.

Hopefully I'll have some fun new ideas next week :) 
Please feel free to share your own!

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