Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Keeping up with the Everyday and Etsy Store News

The college semester started for me this week so it's been a scramble to get ahead on some projects and experimenting with new ideas so here is what I have been up to aside from being an insane person trying to do everything (AHHH!). I really have no idea how school, mommy stuff, blog stuff, shop stuff is going to work...but here we go! I am determined to be organized and so far, so good :)

 My big custom order is coming along and it's actually going quite smoothly. Here is a peek at some of the fun fabrics I am using for this order. SUPER fun!
 I am really wanting to get some market totes in my Etsy because I am so passionate about buying local and this is a great way to help others get on board (a cute tote can change the world!). This bag was a no go, but it was fun to make and is making a great library tote :)Of course about 3 minutes into using this tote bag I managed to spill coffee on it....
  When I got the wild hair to hand embroider the bunting strand on my bag, I got a little crazy and made this little thing. It's embroidered on burlap and adhered to cardstock, I think it will be cute to frame :)

The next one was a biggie...our bathroom. Which has been completed for several months now, but not painted. We had a showing last week and I was determined to get it painted. Three hours of painting later (thank Jesus for naptime)...I'm kinda loving it :)

Now we just need a hefty amount of decor happiness and finally, ONE room completely renovated in our house. Everything else is at like 85% so this is a big deal.

I've been tossing some ideas around for my Etsy store and am going to be adding some new items in the next few weeks so be sure to add my store to your favorites.

I will be adding some fun boys bow-ties, flower headbands, embellished totes, and bunting fabric options for the upcoming holidays. I will be posting updates on new items here on my blog, so make sure you are following :)

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Eva Scott said...

The banner looks like it's going to be fun! Love the bathroom color!!