Monday, August 22, 2011

Preschool Fun

I know I have mentioned on here before that I am an Early Childhood Education major in college right now (just determined to finish my Bachelors before I am THIRTY!).

I have a 3 yr old and nearly 2 year old.
Perfect guinea pigs for ideas right? 

I have been lacking in motivation, even checked out two books with all kinds of preschool lesson plans.

Not even cracked open.
Till last week, when I decided to get with the program!

This kind of stuff does actually take some planning and I am NOT good at kid's crafts for some reason so some ideas were really helpful.

 So we made flying birds and nests to put them in. We went outside to gather leaves and grass for our bird's nest.

 Attach some yarn to those little paper plate birdies to make them fly!
Another lesson we worked on was using our art supplies properly (this is actually important)
Simple shapes glued to paper reminding them to use small fingernail size dots. This actually worked for some reason...

I am ending my craft/lesson times with a snack and you can incorporate all kinds of learning with making snacks.
Applesauce, graham crackers and a block with a plastic zippy bag.

Lots of fun crushing graham crackers (major motor skills)

Using a spoon to scoop onto applesauce and stir (fine motor skills)

They LOVED this activity!

This is good practice for me so I am really going to try to keep up with this and hopefully we can all share some good ideas :)

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