Friday, August 5, 2011

Tutorial - Bias Tape Kitchen Towels

So my pretty curtains left me with some leftover fabric cut in perfect strips so what else can you do but make matching kitchen towels!

I had some towels leftover from a burp cloth project. Ross is a great place to get towels for crafting projects. I got a nice Martex towel for $4. I made several burp cloths and now some kitchen towels so definitely got my money's worth.

If your towel is new, make sure you wash it first...unlike me...little fuzzies everywhere!
 Find a kitchen towel to use as a template. It helps if its the ugliest one in the house ;)

 My leftover bands were 1/4 yard and 1/8 of a yard, I just laid them on top to determine the length I needed.
 I added a contrasting band. You don't have to. Just sew right sides facing to one long side. 
 Press open nicely and if you want to add some top stitching, do that now. I didn't want to so moving on.
 Pin right side down to your towel. Make sure that it is even when folded down. I laid mine down the right way and tucked under 1/4 for my seam allowance to determine how far up to place and then placed right side down. Better to have a little extra than be sort. Might have to mess with it a bit. Also try to match your thread to your towel...I have a pretty line of red stitches on back...doesn't bother me but it might bother you.
 Sew onto towel
 Using extra wide double fold bias tape attach to towel according to directions. Click here for instructions. I love double fold bias tape because it's SO easy to use. Those corners are a BREEZE,just look up the directions on the link.
 When you are all done it looks like this. I ran out on my last side, but here is the part I finished.
 Super cute!

You could even do with with a kitchen towel you already have. I need more fabric to make some more now!


Jennifer said...

Too Cute! My diaper bag belongs in your kitchen By the way, awesome fabric choice! ;)

Rebecca said...

So cute!!